Tell Them About My Love

When I was in church on Sunday, the ideas for posts this week came fast and furious. At one point, I was going to blog about the pastor’s message. I asked God what He wanted me to say about correction vs. rejection (not the main thrust of the message, but an important point) and He responded, “Tell them about My love.”

And so my first post this week was about how much God loves us all. I could be as eloquent as Shakespeare and still fail miserably to capture the tiniest fraction of His love for us.

Whether I can say it well or not is not important. What is important is that I show it. Most of our communication with people has nothing to do with the words that come out of our mouths. It has been estimated that 55% of our communication with others is in our body language and facial expressions, 38% in our tone of voice, and 7% in our actual words. I would argue that there’s another component to consider: our actions.

When you talk to others, do you just say the right words, or do your expressions and tone make that person feel loved and accepted? Do your actions line up with your words and body language? There will likely be someone where you work or in your social circle who watches you a little more closely just because they know you’re a Christian. They will pay attention most of all to how your actions line up with what they know of the Bible (which may be unfair if their knowledge of it is limited or skewed) and to how much you love people. The one thing that seemingly all non-Christians who have heard of Jesus know about Him is that He commanded us to love others, not to judge them.

I know that when others offend, hurt, or annoy me, I’m not as charitable in my heart as I should be, even though I sometimes manage to say the right words. The problem is that people are very adept at reading when you don’t like them and we all crave love and acceptance. If the God you believe in is not enough to change you, why would people believe in Him to change them?

I honestly don’t mean to come down on anyone. God knows I’m desperately in need of this message myself. I just want you to ask yourself honestly how you’re coming across to other people you meet, whether your best friend, spouse, colleague, or a stranger on the corner begging for change. Do they feel loved after being with you? And how much love do you have for them, especially when you don’t like something they’ve done?