When God is Silent

One of the reasons it can be so easy to fret over life’s situations is we often don’t hear God giving us guidance and reassurance, even though we’re praying for them. As babies, we learned the concept of object permanence: that an object still exists even when we can’t see it anymore. As adults, however, we seem to forget that this applies to God as well.

There are times where God is not silent, but merely quiet, that you must draw closer to Him in order to hear Him. At other times, He is completely silent, and these are the ones that truly frighten us, for our mind wonders what we did wrong, what we’re supposed to do now, and what will become of us.

As with everything He does or allows, though, there is a purpose: to show us our hearts and strengthen our faith. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” We must have faith in God even when there is no tangible, incontrovertible proof that He is on our side or even exists. When we require a sign often, it shows a lack of faith in Him to guide us and account for our mistakes in His plan. It shows that we don’t truly think of Him as good, loving, and forgiving enough to take care of us when we’re imperfect. And it shows that we think of Him as a poor Father who would let His children down.

When God is silent, we are to seek Him and stay near so that if He should speak, even in a whisper, we would hear it. Aside from that, provided we are living according to His will and commands as well as we can, we are to assume that we are right where He wants us for the moment. No general would expect his troops to move without giving them a command first; just so, God will not expect you to do something differently without telling you first.

Rest in Him, serve Him, praise Him. It may well be that God is silent because He wants your trust to be in Him, not in the manifestations of His power and goodness.


Seeking Rest

I recently began reading The Confessions of St. Augustine, and I’m already thinking you’ll be seeing a lot more posts inspired by him. His passion alone, even without his considerable rhetoric, is inspiring. Just reading what he wrote, it’s hard to not have the thought of, “This guy gets it.”

One quote in particular that jumped out at me was this:

Thou (God) hast prompted him (mankind), that he should delight to praise Thee, for Thou hast made us for Thyself and restless is our heart until it comes to rest in Thee.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to praise God sometimes, especially when I’m worried or upset about something. I have less peace when my heart isn’t trusting in Him. With less peace comes less of a desire to praise and, cyclically, with less praise comes less peace because I forget the magnitude of God.

Oddly, even knowing this, I still have a tendency to worry about certain things, particularly money. I tend to take my focus off of God and put it where it has no business being, which is really anywhere but Him.

If you’re like me in this, I’d like to encourage you to try something with me: take at least 5 minutes every day this week and just praise God. No requests, no confessions, no crying out to Him about how you feel – just praise for His power and goodness.

It’s said that home is where the heart is. God created our hearts, now He wants to be their eternal home.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

I’m in the midst of getting my books out to agents and publishers. I have nine that are fully written and Leah and I have sent out only one to all the agents that accept simultaneous submissions. While we’re waiting for responses, we’re getting out a book she’s written to agents.

I always hate sending stuff out. For one thing, most agents want you to tout your accomplishments, but I hate bragging about myself. It’s just not me. Thank God for Leah and her work in helping me send stuff off because I simply wouldn’t if it were up to me.

The other thing I hate about sending stuff out is getting rejections. Most of them are unhelpful. They’re all polite enough, but if I knew why my book was rejected, I could rectify that error in future proposals. It’s frustrating sometimes because, even though I believe my calling is to write, it seems sometimes that there’s nothing but a brick wall in my face.  Continue reading

A Nerd and His Hard Drive

My hard drive has been giving me the warning signs that it will die soon. You probably know them: slower performance, more errors, the occasional blue screen of death, ordering itself a tombstone online, etc. I’ve tried running a full antivirus sweep, cleaning the unnecessary files and programs off it, doing a disk defrag, and a few other things, but they seem to be prolonging the inevitable: my old friend has only a short while left to live. Continue reading