When God Loves Us Enough to Hide From Us

hide-and-seek12Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been waiting on God for years. Even though we’ve been here just over three months, looking for a job has taken its toll on us. Our financial reserves are running out and our faith feels battered and worn down.

It feels like God has hidden Himself from us because, though we’re doing what we believe is His will, we aren’t getting clear direction. The only direction we’ve seem to have gotten is, “Not this job,” which tries our faith still further. We don’t know exactly where we’re supposed to be focusing our efforts, when or from where the money will come, or why God had us move here in the first place.

And yet there’s a small part of me that says that we’re here to learn to trust in Him. We’re here to learn to love Him more than the things of this world. He’s hidden Himself that we may seek Him.

After Elijah called fire from Heaven to burn his sacrifice, thus defeating the 400 prophets of Baal, Jezebel threatened him and he ran for his life. God sustained him, then he went to a cave in Horeb. There, God told him to stand on a mountain. When he did, a mighty wind broke rocks, but God was not in the wind. An earthquake came, and then a fire, but God was in neither of those either. Finally, there was a still small voice.

It was that voice that was God and Elijah had to be quiet to hear Him.

Too often, we seek God’s thunderous voice and the earthquake to shake up our world or, worse, try to create our own earthquake. Sometimes, when it feels we’ve been waiting on God, it’s because He’s waiting for us to seek Him.


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