On the Waves

Is this goodbye?
With waves so high,
A night on this stormy sea;
The night so dark,
Hand me that – Hark!
Is my King now calling me?
Lord, I can’t tell
Through thunderous hell
If it’s really You out there;
But tell me so
And out I’ll go
Whether weather’s foul or fair.
I step out now
Beyond the bow,
And if it’s not You, I’m done.
My foot gets wet,
But then I’m set;
With each step, I feel I’ve won.
But storm howls still,
Am I in Your will?
Did you call me out this night?
Long for the deck
When waves I check
And am overcome with fright.
Sinking, falling,
To You I’m calling,
Please come save me just once more!
I hold my breath
And wait for death
Wond’ring why I ever left shore.
A hand comes down
Before I drown
And pulls me above the waves.
“Did you just think
I’d let you sink?
Am I not the One who saves?”
Though storm’s now calm,
My soul needs balm,
For this trial I’ve failed again
Is this my best,
To fail each test,
Doubting always my King’s reign?
For me a smile,
We talk a while,
Then I’m put back out to float;
Waves start to climb,
Yet I know I’m
Safer with Him than on the boat.


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