Waiting for My King

When Leah and I first started dating, there was naturally a lot of excitement on both ends. It was the first serious relationship for both of us and we were always eager for the next time we’d see each other. Why? Because we had not just a hope, but a joyful expectation, of each other’s smile, laughter, and kisses.

The three months between when I proposed and when we got married were far more difficult. The eagerness for the benefits of marriage, for that unity, was so strong that it was a challenge for us to not partake of them early.

One of the reasons we were so happy in these cases was that we regarded these things practically as certainties. We were waiting for them to come to pass rather than merely hoping they would.

The problem is that we still have a tendency to hope that God comes through rather than wait expectantly for Him. He has promised not to fail us and loves us more than we love each other. Yet we’ve been stressing about me finding a job, where we’ll live when our lease runs out, and other things.

Leah likens the wait to a magic show: you don’t know what’s going to happen, but you’re waiting for your mind to be blown. You don’t have to understand it – most people don’t really even want to – you just want to be there when it happens. You have trust in the magician to pull off a trick that seems impossible, and that’s how we should be with God. I’m not saying that every blessing God gives has to be a miracle, but rather that we should be expecting Him to come through for us if we’re following Him. When it gets down to the wire, that should almost increase our excitement because the more impossible the situation seems, the more glory He will get.

It’s time for us to recognize the things in our lives we’re merely hoping to get, and then replace them with a joyful expectation, not necessarily of getting exactly what we want, but of God taking care of us. We really have no reason to worry if the King of the Universe is passionately in love with us and we’re doing our best to follow Him.


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