The Desert is Never the Destination

My wife and I are moving from the erratic weather of scenic Colorado Springs for the jobs, homes, and humidity of Houston tomorrow. I have looked for a job, but don’t have one yet, just faith in the God that called us that He will provide.
And yet this still feels like a desert to me. There’s the uncertainty of not knowing what I’ll be doing or from where the money will come. I’ve been hoping that I won’t have a breakdown of Israelites-in-the-desert proportions, wondering if God led us there to finish us off.
But then, God’s purpose for the Israelites wasn’t to kill them. It wasn’t even to leave them in the desert. It wasn’t that long after they were freed from Egypt that they came to the border of Canaan and sent spies in to see the land. Caleb and Joshua brought back a good report, saying God would help them conquer the land, but the other ten were afraid and their fear spread and kept the Israelites from attacking. As punishment, God decreed that only Caleb and Joshua, of all the adults 20 years and older, would enter the Promised Land. The wandering came after the disobedience; though God knew it would happen, the desert was never the destination.
Houston may be Canaan, or it may be the desert. I don’t know how long we’ll be there, what lessons God will show us, or how He will provide. (Keep in mind that even despite their numerous transgressions, God still sent them manna, led them with a pillar of fire by night and one of cloud by day, and even their sandals didn’t wear out.) But I know that if this is the desert, this is not the end, merely a piece of life I must go through faithfully to get what God has for me.
Whatever situation we’re in, God is there. Always. And if you’re in the desert, it’s the time to cling to God (or return to Him), not the time to abandon Him and wander around. This is not where you’ll end up if you’re faithful; He has something better in mind for you. It may or may not be riches or the love of your life or whatever else on earth you want, but it will be better for you than these because it will bring you closer to Him.


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