There is no Plan B

My wife and I are moving to Houston in a couple months. There are better opportunities down there: more jobs, cheaper homes, no state income tax (though the property tax usually more than makes up for that), and just overall cheaper living. None of that really matters, though, for we feel God has told us to go, and so we’re going. And whether Houston has a wonderful job for me, a beautiful home for us, and a great church, or whether we struggle mightily to make ends meet and end up working as fry cooks at McDonald’s, we’re committed to this move because God’s will for us will always be better in the end than our will for us.

Unfortunately, in our hearts, we’re still nervous. We still have fallback plans of what we could sell if times get tough, of where we could cut back if we had to, or of putting off having children until we’re more financially stable. We have plans to stay in an apartment for the first 10-12 months, then buy a four-plex, pay that off as quickly as we can while living in one of the units, then buy another four-plex, and so on, building a small real estate empire of 10 or so of these units so I can retire early and we can live comfortably. On paper, it’s a good plan, but the whole point of the plan is really that we don’t have to rely on anyone for our financial well-being. No employer, no clients, not even God.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s wise to plan and to work hard for a better future. I even have a blog about financial planning ( Where we often go wrong, though, is in trying to plan to be independent of God. It’s not only impossible, but it’s foolish to try. Our source for all real blessings is Him. He’s the one who rewards us for our work or teaches us lessons through withholding blessings. He’s our Father, the only one on whom we should ever really depend. I could get a six-figure job and we could make buy a hundred of these units and we should still depend on God alone for our finances, our health, our spiritual lives…everything. We’re still going to start on our plan and do it to the best of our ability, but we’re willing to scrap it if God leads us to do otherwise. We’re willing to abandon any plan, even having children, if God leads us to. We’re struggling to be in His plan wholeheartedly, but we’ve been learning through this that He has a plan, and if He is planning for us, we don’t need a plan B. We need to get closer to the Master Planner and trust fully in the only plan that will ever matter.


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