Statues of God

First, I’d like to apologize for my (word-of-the-day alert) reticence. Working two jobs with 50-70 hours a week plus the occasional class cuts down on my available time significantly.

That said, a thought occurred to me on my way home that I feel led to post. 

It’s amazing to think that the same God that created the Universe created you and I and even considers us to be His greater masterpieces. We are in His image. The Universe isn’t. The elephant isn’t. A virus isn’t. Neither is a redwood or a whale. You are. 

Then God tells us to not worship images of gods. I don’t know anybody who bows down to Baal or Zeus, but there are many versions of gods out there. For a lot of people, money or status is their god. Some may do anything to get that next high. Some want relationships, and in this is an especially dangerous trap.

I love my wife more than I love anyone else. Yet if I fall into worshiping this image of God instead of God, I do both her and God a great disservice. I dishonor them both by honoring them outside of their proper order. And I do myself a great disservice because my relationship with both of them is damaged when the priority of them has gone awry. 

Leah, for all her wonderful qualities, cannot teach me how to love unconditionally. It’s simply not in her of herself to do so. Even with the love of God flowing through her, that can show me what that love looks like, but it cannot teach me to love that way. And I need to love her (and others as well) that way if I am to honor God, grow in Him, and treat them as they both deserve (as children of God) and as He desires me to treat them. 

And when I love her more than I love God, when I worship the gift instead of the Giver, then I pin my hopes of happiness on her, which means she has the power to hurt me deeply with her actions or words. It enslaves me to her because I want that happiness and I have viewed her as the source of it. Instead, we ought to be slaves to God, a God who will never, even unintentionally, do anything that is not in our best interests in the end if we love Him and serve Him.

Idol worship is not just about the ancient gods or money and fame. It can be as close as the person in bed next to you at night. Love that person, but guard against loving them too much, for when you do, you love them less than you should.


One comment on “Statues of God

  1. Mel says:

    I love this post! Something I also have been challenged with! Thank you 🙂

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