Lesson from a Worm

Leah and I watched a sitcom last night in which one character, born and raised a nerd, was being taught how to fish. The woman teaching him told him to put a worm on a hook, so he did, draping the worm over the hook instead of spearing it on the hook.

And that got me thinking about us and God. In fishing, we take worms out of the ground, impale them while they’re still alive, throw them in water (in which they may drown), and hope they get eaten. Why? Did the worms do anything to us? No. Did we have some deep-seated hatred of all worms from a bad childhood experience? Probably not. We don’t have anything at all against the worms, yet we treat them brutally so we can have a relaxing time with a few friends. And we don’t have any problem treating them this way because they’re so far below us. They’re nothing compared to us.

Yet when things happen to us that we don’t like, what’s our response to God? “Why is this happening to me? What did I ever do to You?! I thought You loved me!” And it doesn’t seem to cross our minds that we’re closer to the worm than we are to our Creator. When we go fishing, we don’t give the worm a choice, neither do we owe it one. Likewise, God doesn’t need your approval to let something happen to you. He could let hell on earth happen to you like He did with Job and He would still be worthy of our honor and respect because of who He is.

And I’m as guilty of blaming Him and yelling at Him as anyone. None of it does any good. It doesn’t make me feel better. It doesn’t change His mind. It doesn’t improve my situation.

What’s more, God, though He has every right to do with you or me whatever He sees fit, actually looks out for our best interests. He doesn’t impale us, drown us, and hope we get eaten so He can have a relaxing Saturday afternoon. He actually loves us and the trials we have are either punishments or lessons, and often both.

2 comments on “Lesson from a Worm

  1. Mich-in-French says:

    Great post – I can so relate

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