Who is That Masked Man?

Halloween is tomorrow. There will be millions of people going about in costumes. Most will be store-bought ones of varying quality. Some will be handmade, of even more widely varying quality. A few will be epic, some funny, some leaving too little to the imagination, and some just missing the mark.

One thing they’ll all have in common is that they’re meant to make the person look like someone (or something) else. 

Then November 1 rolls around. The makeup is put away, the costumes tucked into a box in the closet or attic, the Jack-o-lanterns are chucked, and the Pepto Bismol is broken out for kids and adults who ate too much candy.

And we go back to wearing our everyday masks.

Most of us are honest enough to be some semblance of what we really are to the public. Some people really like being around others. Some are more serious while others really do find humor in lots of things. Yet we try to hide, too, behind a face we feel is better than the one we truly have. We aren’t real with each other about our fears. We don’t tell most of our friends our secret sins. Sometimes, we don’t even tell the person we’re married to.

The reason we hide these things is usually fear of how that person will react to us. We don’t want to disappoint or upset them. We just want our friendship to continue, even if their friendship is with a person who doesn’t really exist. We choose friendship over fellowship, and rob ourselves when we do.

If you believe your value is from Christ alone, then you have no reason to fear what others think of you. They could cry, yell at you, or leave you and your value is still the same.

But you know what? I’m guessing that they won’t do those things. I’m guessing that your opening up to them will strengthen that relationship. Even a confession that hurts them will be better than keeping it a secret and living a lie. People really do love seeing honesty and openness; we’re all tired of wearing masks.


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