Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional

If you’ve seen The Italian Job, you’ll probably recognize the title as what “Fine” stood for. In my last post, it could have been used to describe Jesus’ disciples in the midst of a storm. Most of us use it to hide what we’re really feeling.

Last week was a great week for Leah and me. We had a lot of fun, got a fair bit done, and everything seemed to be going quite well. This week has been…a little more challenging. Between concerns about my finding a job, trying to see my family this holiday season, and her missing the boys she used to nanny, we’ve had our ups and downs. She admitted that she felt better about herself last week than she does this week. Honestly, I could say the same about me.

The good news here is that our value doesn’t depend on how we feel about ourselves at the moment or on how well our lives are going. As far as our value is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether we’re rich or poor, employed or still looking, married or single, with kids or without, healthy or sick, attractive or ugly, or even happy or sad. Our value is still the same because, though we waver on a daily basis, He never does. 

It’s nice (and necessary) to remind myself from time to time that my value is not only higher than I can imagine, but also that it’s secure because He is eternal and unchanging. Whatever happens to us, I know He loves me and thinks of me as priceless. 

Life’s not always going to be good times and sunshine. It’s the tough times, though, that grow our faith, not just that He’ll take care of us, but that He loves us more than we know, enough to send us these times to draw us closer to Him.


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