Faith Through the Storm

In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus and His disciples are in a boat when a fierce storm threatens them. I imagine the disciples were frantically bailing water and attending to the sails for a while before they turn to find Jesus asleep. They wake Him up – I have to imagine with some anger in their voices – and ask Him why He’s sleeping when they’re about to die. He calms the storm and then chides them for their lack of faith.

I don’t know whether Jesus had wanted them to calm the storm or just ride it out with the faith that, if Jesus was on board and soundly asleep, that everything would be fine. Either way, they doubted His goodness when they questioned whether He’d take care of them. He was the Son of God, with power over all creation. Surely, He could take care of a storm, right?

Yet how often are we like the disciples? We get worked up over the storms in our lives, never realizing that the One who allows them is still in the boat with us and knows that we’ll be ok if we just trust in Him.

God has the power to calm storms, give sight to the blind, raise the dead, or perform any other miracle He chooses. The storms in your life have likely been allowed to test and grow your faith in Him. Can you depend on God and turn to Him even when your world is falling apart? Can you worship Him even when He seems to be asleep in the boat? Can you obey Him even when you don’t understand what’s happening to you? God shows Himself mighty on behalf of those who trust fully in Him.

If He tells you to do something, do it. If He tells you to wait on Him, wait. If you trust in Him, though, you will come through the storm in your life, and you will be stronger for it because your faith in Him will be stronger.


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