Worth Waiting For

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m looking for a job. I’ve been stressing about money lately because we’re not exactly the Rockefellers. One thought I’ve had before, though, and that Leah reminded me of is that I’ve been wanting God to provide us with money so we have to rely on Him less.

God’s not going to give us anything that takes us away from Him. Our relationship with Him is more important than whether we can afford to go on vacation, than whether we barely get by, than whether we have a roof over or heads, or even than that we live. There is nothing more fundamental to our good end than our relationship with Him. Knowing this better than we ever could, He will not give us what will cost us in our relationship with Him.

We can still get these things elsewhere, of course, but the cost in that relationship is so much higher than what we’re seeking is worth.

It’s really a matter of focus and faith. Are we focused on God or on what we want or think we need? When our focus is on ourselves, we lose sight not only of our Father, but of the reason we were created in the first place: to honor and glorify Him. 

As for our faith, we try to over-complicate things. “I believe, Lord, but just let me try this first.” “I’ll let you take care of it…after I’ve exhausted all other options.” “Please do this…if you’re listening and care enough to help.” Faith is meant to be a simple thing. Jesus even says that we’re to accept the Kingdom of God as a child does. 

How do children accept things on faith? They trust the person who said it and, trusting it, they don’t worry about it. Dad said he’d take me to a baseball game this weekend, so we’re going to a baseball game. Mom said she’d bake me cookies, so I’m getting cookies. No questions on how or whether it will happen. No trying to earn it after the promise. No looking to go to a baseball game or getting cookies on my own. I don’t have to worry; they said they’d do it and they will.

We have to put aside our pride that tells us we have to do everything for ourselves. It is true that God wants us to work, but His work is doing His will, not in earning every blessing He sees fit to give us. He has promised to provide for us what we need; why then are we still seeking it our way instead of His? God said He will provide; there is no surer promise in the Universe, no need to worry, and no need to seek my sustenance elsewhere. All I need to is follow Him and believe.


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