Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

We’re watching Star Wars all the way through (save for Episode 1, *shudders*), and one of the most famous lines of the series was the title of this post, spoken by Yoda. There’s a certain wisdom in it, in that if you try and fail, you haven’t done what you set out to do. You must attempt it again because you have not done it.

And yet, we can become too absorbed in what we want to do, to the point that our failures define us as failures. One thing Yoda never did was call Luke a failure or worthless. He explained to him why he failed, but there was never an emphasis on his value, just on his improvement.

In your search for confidence, don’t look for things to prove your worth to yourself. You not only have no need to do this, but doing it misses the point of self-worth entirely. Note the word “self” in self-confidence or self-esteem. It’s not “good-at-my-job-confidence” or “others-find-me-attractive-esteem.” It’s self-esteem because it’s supposed to be how you feel about yourself, not how others tell you to feel about yourself.

Even getting your sense of self-worth from God isn’t enough if you choose not to believe what He says about you. You must accept your innate worth, not your worth based on works, for no works could ever make you a fraction more valuable than you (and everyone else you have or will ever meet) already are.


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