Treasure Hunting

As I said yesterday, it’d be nice to have a bit more money. Ideally, I want a good-sized house with a golden retriever chasing squirrels in the fenced back yard, with enough money to start a family, save for their college and weddings, and still be able to take Leah on a castle tour of Europe. I don’t need millions (though I wouldn’t exactly say no if they were offered), just enough to live how I would feel comfortable.

And yet I still have a problem: I want this life. I just started a tax prep course yesterday as a first step to attaining this life. Even though I’m doing better about trusting God to provide, there’s a significant part of me that is concerned with what He provides for me on earth.

My focus should instead by on piling up treasures in Heaven, as Matthew 6:20 tells me. The riches of this world will fade or can be taken away. No matter how much we have when we die, not a cent will come with us to Heaven. Our house down here won’t matter anymore. Two hundred years from now, it’s not likely to exist anymore. Whatever books we sell are likely to be forgotten. Generations down the road, our progeny won’t even know our names. Even with Leah, one of us is likely going to have to bury the other.

We can enjoy our treasures on earth while we have them, but for how long will we have them? And if our life is but a fleeting second, as ephemeral as a mayfly, when compared with eternity, why should we spend this brief sojourn worrying about how to make it more comfortable?

When you rent a car, do you take it in for a paint job and put in a new stereo? No, even if it’s a horrible color and the stereo is broken, you put up with it knowing that the reason for which you rented the car is more important than the car itself.

We sometimes speak of having a lease on life, yet we don’t consider what that really means. We get caught up in the day-to-day management of life, especially the part about making ourselves and those we love comfortable. In an average day, how much thought and effort and time are truly given to amassing treasures in Heaven rather than treasures on earth?

I won’t speak for anyone else, but for my part, I know it’s not nearly enough. My time here is short, my time in Heaven is long. And it’s about time I went treasure hunting for those things which will last.


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