The Little Things, Part 2

I admittedly got a little off-track in my last post from how I had envisioned it. I started with candy bars and kisses and ended with a discussion on how to change your life. My original intention ties in with what I had in mind, but goes beyond it: in keeping our focus on the long-term, we should keep our focus on God’s will for us, rather than our will for ourselves.

I didn’t know what was happening with my life for the six years or so after college. I was making money, but I hated pretty much everything about my life. God, though, was using that time to provide for me so I could do His will. He was also using that time to teach me in no uncertain terms how lost and miserable my life could be without Him. Everything had a purpose, even though I didn’t understand it.

Having no purpose that I could see, though, made me prone to take little things far too seriously. I didn’t have a clear grasp (or really any grasp, to be honest) that I was still in God’s plan for my life and that if He allowed it, He’d guide me through it. That doesn’t mean He’d get me out of it and magically fix all my problems, but He’d be there every step of the way, guiding me not only forward in His plan for my life, but toward Him as well.

Life happens. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But it all happens with a plan in mind. Keep your mind on that plan and know that God’s long-term goal is always to give you more of Himself.


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