God’s Love Letter: The Lion’s Protection

God has written a love letter. To you. It’s a passionate outpouring of His heart for you, telling how much He cares for you and how often He thinks of you. It is not poetry, though it contains poems, for no poetry can capture the essence of what He’s telling you as well as His acts can. This love letter is the Bible, written in blood on something more permanent than stone.

I am reading the minor prophets now. Most have a similar message: woe to those who have worshiped other gods or mistreated Israel, for their destruction is coming. People who don’t believe that God is good will sometimes use such verses to show that God is vindictive and cruel. I see it differently. For the Israelites, these prophecies are God’s chastisement of them to draw them back to Him, much like a parent would punish a child for misbehaving to get them to behave again. 

For those who mistreated them, it’s a show of God’s care for those whom He chose. I remember seeing a youtube video of a group of hyenas attacking a group of lionesses and driving them away from a carcass. Then the lion of the pride comes in and just ravages the hyenas. He seemed to be everywhere at once, an unstoppable fury they could not hope to counter. Nobody messed with his pride without feeling his wrath.

Last year, a man in Texas (if I remember right) caught one of his ranch hands inappropriately touching his young daughter in his barn. He beat the man to death and was not only exonerated, but hailed as a hero. Whatever happens between him and his daughter, she will always know that her father is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, that he is her lion. 

God is our Lion. He even calls Himself that. He is our King, our Judge, our Creator, our Savior, our Friend, our High Priest, and our Protector. All of these roles are parts of His role as our Father. As such, His wrath, even when He punishes us, is not out of hate, but out of a love that burns so passionately that He will do anything He has to for us to come back to Him. He allows some things to happen for reasons that we don’t know or don’t understand, but even in these, He shows His love for us by giving us circumstances that require us to have more faith in Him if we are to find our way through them.

You have the Lion of the tribe of Judah on your side. Who can take you from His will? What is there to fear?


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