Our Greatest Enemy, Part 5

I saved the most important part of this series for last. Our pride gets in the way of our relationship with our Father. When we don’t forgive, we keep God from forgiving us because we’re not believing in Jesus’ sacrifice to wash away our sins. When we don’t share our burdens because of pride, He still knows our burdens, but we’ve kept the weight of them to ourselves. When we sin, we put a block between us and Him; there’s still a relationship, but it’s not nearly as clear or close as it could be.

We also keep ourselves from wanting to know God better. Our pride will tell us that we’re fine without Him, or that we know enough about Him already. It will tell us that we’re close enough to God that we don’t have to seek Him out today.

As someone who’s given in to this line of reasoning, I know that it’s very easy to miss a Bible study on a given day. The next day, I might try to make up for it by reading more of the Bible, but then I’ve made reading the Bible a chore and one that I’m willing to skip when it suits me. It’s no longer a relationship, but a requirement that I don’t mind ignoring.

The reason behind my skipping is usually a combination of wanting to do something else more and telling myself I know enough about God. After all, I’ve read the Bible at least five times through by now. I’ve been in church most of the Sundays of my life and often on Wednesdays. I feel I know the Bible fairly well…

But I don’t know its Author well enough. Even though the Bible tells us about God, it doesn’t put us in a relationship with Him. And all relationships require maintenance. We’ve all had close friends that have drifted apart. I had some very close friendships in college with people that I haven’t really spoken to in years. We still share memories and we’d be glad to catch up for lunch if we found ourselves in the same town, but the relationship has dwindled.

You’re not going to jeopardize your salvation by not doing your devotions or praying for a day. You can, however, let your relationship with Him degrade if you tell yourself that you don’t need to pursue Him. And you can never know Him well enough. He is infinite, meaning there are infinite things to know, infinite sides of Him to see, infinite wisdom to glean from Him.

Think about how great He is for a moment. For those of you who have accepted the challenge of praising Him for just five minutes a day (How’s that going, by the way? Have you noticed results? I’d love to hear your stories.), I have another challenge: add in five minutes of thinking about how awesome He is. Whether you consider the vastness of His power in creating the Universe, the amazing detail of His handiwork visible in the DNA of the smallest bacteria, or how He’s been there in your life, think about how powerful and incredible He is, especially when compared to you. Your pride will melt as you draw closer to Him.


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