Our Greatest Enemy, Part 4

Pride leads inexorably to sin. I would argue that it is the cause of our sin, or at least, a necessary ingredient. If God exists, then He is above us. If He is above us, then it’s His word, law, and opinion that matter and not ours. If that’s true, then we have no right to defy Him in anything and no reason to expect to escape all consequences. Yet we still sin because we believe in our hearts that we can get away with it, or that we deserve what we want and know better than God if He disagrees with us, or that He’s just wrong and His rules are outdated. (I hear that last one a lot with pre-marital sex.)

All of these views are caused by our pride, by believing that we’re either craftier or smarter than God. It sounds ridiculous to say, “I know more about my future than the God who created everything and exists outside of time, allowing Him to see all of it at once. I also have more authority over morality than the just and holy Judge of all Creation.” It’s what we’re saying in our hearts, though.

We wouldn’t sin if we had a proper fear of God and real humility. Submission to His will is the goal we should be striving for. It’s not going to happen if we think our will is more important than His.


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