When God is Silent

One of the reasons it can be so easy to fret over life’s situations is we often don’t hear God giving us guidance and reassurance, even though we’re praying for them. As babies, we learned the concept of object permanence: that an object still exists even when we can’t see it anymore. As adults, however, we seem to forget that this applies to God as well.

There are times where God is not silent, but merely quiet, that you must draw closer to Him in order to hear Him. At other times, He is completely silent, and these are the ones that truly frighten us, for our mind wonders what we did wrong, what we’re supposed to do now, and what will become of us.

As with everything He does or allows, though, there is a purpose: to show us our hearts and strengthen our faith. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” We must have faith in God even when there is no tangible, incontrovertible proof that He is on our side or even exists. When we require a sign often, it shows a lack of faith in Him to guide us and account for our mistakes in His plan. It shows that we don’t truly think of Him as good, loving, and forgiving enough to take care of us when we’re imperfect. And it shows that we think of Him as a poor Father who would let His children down.

When God is silent, we are to seek Him and stay near so that if He should speak, even in a whisper, we would hear it. Aside from that, provided we are living according to His will and commands as well as we can, we are to assume that we are right where He wants us for the moment. No general would expect his troops to move without giving them a command first; just so, God will not expect you to do something differently without telling you first.

Rest in Him, serve Him, praise Him. It may well be that God is silent because He wants your trust to be in Him, not in the manifestations of His power and goodness.


2 comments on “When God is Silent

  1. Anthropomorphized apologist creature says:

    I heard a story once of a man who lost his watch. He called the fire department, he called his neighbors, he called the police and one after another came from his house and said, “sorry sir, we cant find your watch”.

    A few days later a little boy went into the house and laid down on the floor. A few minutes later he came out with the guy’s watch. The guy was shocked and said

    “The police couldn’t find it, the fire department couldn’t find it, my neighbors looked up and down for it, how on earth did you find it.”

    The little boy said, I just put my ear to the floor and listened for the ticking.

    Sometimes we search for long and hard for God to speak or move in our lives, when really He’s there ticking like that watch the whole time. We just have to listen.

    God bless.

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