Strong Language

Stealing this from my wife, who just started her own blog.

Isaiah 43:1


(Originally published 8/13)

This is going to be the absolute greatest post I’ve ever made! Did I get your attention? Do you believe me? Probably not. You might even be thinking that was an egotistical boast. It would have been if I were serious, but I wasn’t. I was exaggerating, something I’m prone to do.

A lot of us are. By this I don’t mean that we all go fishing and bring home stories of wale hunts. What I mean is we use strong language to get our points across. If someone asks us how we’re doing we reply that we’re ‘great.’ Someone shows us their new car and we tell them it’s ‘awesome.’ We use words like ‘never’ and ‘always’ ‘all’ the time. It’s so ingrained in our social language that we don’t even notice we’re doing it.

This isn’t really a problem because most of us only use…

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