Eating the Scroll

I try to read through the Bible every year. Right now, I’m just beginning Ezekiel and I was reading chapter 2 the other day when one part of verse 8 stood out, “Do not be rebellious like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you.” In Ezekiel’s vision, God then gave him a scroll of His words to eat and told him his calling.

There are two parts to this: that we be satisfied with and obedient to our calling and that we not be rebellious idol worshipers as the Israelites then were.

In John 21, Jesus tells Peter how he will die. Peter then points to John and says, “Well, what about him?” Jesus says, essentially, “That’s not your concern. If I will that he lives until I return, that’s My business.” Peter wasn’t very happy to be told he’d be crucified (who would be?), but God had a plan for his life that would bring Him glory. By the time Peter was sentenced, his request wasn’t that they just end him more quickly, but that they hang him upside down because he wasn’t worthy to die as his Lord did. God changed him that much more when he accepted God’s calling on his life.

Jeremiah said that he was too young to be a prophet of God, but God told him that He would be with him and protect him. Jeremiah may not have had a happy life in our terms, never marrying and doing some odd things at God’s command, but God watched out for him all his days because he obeyed God.

I don’t know what your calling is. I don’t know if following it will make you rich, make you poor, cause you to be a missionary to China, or cause you to die a martyr. I don’t know what benefits it will have or what it will cost you. Neither do I know what will happen to you in terms of earthly comforts if you reject your calling.

Here’s what I do know: following God’s call on your life will always lead to more peace and a deeper relationship with Him. I used to have lots of money, friends, respect, career potential, and more, but I hated God. Now that I’m in His calling, I’m happier and enjoy greater security than I ever did without Him.


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