Eating the Scroll, Part 2

The other side of that verse in Ezekiel 2 is that God sent Ezekiel to warn the Israelites because of their idolatry. They had forsaken God and were worshiping the queen of heaven, inciting God to anger. God, however, was patient with them, sending prophet after prophet to them to warn them of what would happen, that they might return to Him and He could relent.

For years, God held off on His judgment of Israel and Judah. There were a few good kings here and there, but it seems the majority were rotten, leading the people into idolatry. Yet God waited and tried to get them to repent. When they failed enough times, God caused them to be conquered and taken captive.

There are a couple points to this. First, don’t be discouraged that some people who have idols in their lives, such as sex, money, or power, seem to be getting all the lucky breaks. Their day is coming. We shouldn’t rejoice in that, though; we should warn these people of what will happen if they don’t turn to God. Even if their judgment doesn’t come until they die, that judgment is eternal and horrible.

Second, don’t worship idols yourself. In biblical times, they had names like Baal and Ra. In our times, we have subtler versions, but they’re idols all the same. Whether it’s another deity or something you’re just putting your hopes of happiness in, the worship of anything other than God is truly the worship of yourself. Even praying to God without worshiping Him and submitting to Him is worship of yourself.

I have, as I recently mentioned, made an idol of getting my books published. So long as that is the case, I cannot expect God to honor or bless me in my ventures. I have repented, and now I need to get my focus on God and view His work for my life in the right light. Please pray for me if you remember. I’ll be praying for you.


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