An Extraordinary Secret

Your value is one of the least talked about things in church; at least, it has rarely been talked about in any church I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to at least a dozen different ones over the years. This astonishes me, as it is not just one of the best parts of the Gospel message, but arguably the second most important. 

Jesus didn’t just die to set us free from our sins and save us from the eternal damnation that awaited us. That would have been enough. But since when does God stop at just enough?

If you offered to take someone’s place on death row, with the provision that you lived one year to see what they did with their lives, would you want the person you saved to struggle through life, with a few successes sprinkled in among many failures? Would you want them to be miserable? No, you’d want them to make the absolute most of your gift, being thrilled every day at having a new chance at life. 

Likewise, God didn’t just set you free and leave you in the same situation otherwise as you previously found yourself. He made you His child and heir, with constant access to Him, taking you into His care. As your Father, it is His responsibility to provide for you so long as you are in His will. Just as a child is under the protection of his parents while he lives with them, so God will watch over you while you are with Him. That doesn’t mean a perfect life by any means, but it means God will bring you through and always provide you with what you truly need, even if you think you need something different. For a child to take advantage of that situation, however, requires them to know about who his parents are.

Your identity is not something that should be kept a secret, least of all from yourself. Find out who you are in Christ and start believing it. You’re far more valuable than your talents, accomplishments, possessions, relationships, or looks could ever make you, but you need to realize this for yourself before it can change your life.


2 comments on “An Extraordinary Secret

  1. Shelly says:

    Amen! When we truly realize who we are in Christ we are empowered by His Holy Spirit to do what He created us to do. It is then that we realize our true value as His children, holy and dearly loved. When we truly understand this, we are able to give HIm praise and thanks for all that we are and all we have because it is only by His grace. Blessings!

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