An Extraordinary Secret, Part 2

The problem with what the Gospel says about you is that it’s largely been kept a secret. I don’t think it’s intentional, of course, for who would keep such good news that’s freely available from anyone? Yet it’s a message that hasn’t really been shared often.

My mission in life is to change that. It’s why I write this blog. It’s why I wrote my self-help books. I want to tell as many people as I can about this great news and help change their lives. 

Once you understand who you really are in God, once you realize that nothing you can do on this earth can raise or lower your true value, you won’t be able to help but tell someone about it. 

Imagine that someone not only got you freed from prison (legally), but gave you a billion dollars and said, “I’ll do this for any of your friends who ask me.” Would you keep it a secret? Or would you tell everyone who would listen? 

Some people might think you’re crazy at first, but as they saw more and more people driving around in their Ferraris, they’d start to suspect it’s real after all. This is likewise a grassroots campaign. The more people who see their value as it really is, through God’s eyes, the more other people, Christian and non-Christian alike, will be interested in hearing the message. It doesn’t even take street-corner evangelism; it just takes people living their lives in such a fundamentally different way, full of true self-confidence and at peace with themselves, that others not only notice but ask how you’re doing it.

Maybe I’m dreaming big, but I would love for every church to have at least one such person. A few already do, but we can do better. If you’re with me on this, your mission is simple: live with self-confidence, just as God wants you to live.



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