All Our Plans

I was going to write a post about science this morning. I am fascinated by the size of the Universe, the intricacies of biology, and how various laws of physics combine to give us things like Prince Rupert’s Drop. Yet I found I can’t write this. It’s not that I have a dearth of information; I just can’t seem to write about something that’s not in the purpose of this blog.

Today marks 13 months since my first date with Leah. I spent years in Virginia hitting on most of my female friends, trying eharmony, and futilely trying to change myself to be worthy of someone. Then God had me move out here, brought me out of the church I was in and into another, and it’s there that I met her. I had my plans out here to ask someone else out when she and I met, and I’d already done eharmony out here and been set up by a friend. In the end, though, all my schemes and machinations didn’t get me a wife; listening to God when He said to move and then to go to a certain church did.

My life has had a funny way of working out. I missed out on the college I wanted to attend and then passed up an opportunity to move off the floor and into a leadership position my freshman year. I passed it up, made an unlikely friend, and he got me a great-paying job in Virginia after college. God told me to quit and start writing; I hesitated for months, then a situation at work forces me to quit. I bang my head against a wall trying to date in Virginia, then move out here and eight months later, I meet the woman of my dreams. Not that my life has been all serendipity, but the things that I have had the worst time with have been either things that prepare me for where God wants me to be or things that have happened when I was fighting against His will.

It’s great to make plans, but we need to realize that our plans are nothing compared to His, either in their inevitability or benefit for our lives. It’s when we fight Him that things go poorly for us. We might not understand what’s happening when we go along with His plan, and we might not even like it, but His plans always have an end that’s for our good. 


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