To the Least of These

Matthew 25 makes a very powerful statement that seems to often go unnoticed: Jesus equates what we do for others – particularly those who are homeless, imprisoned, sick, or hungry – with what we do for Him. 

Think about that the next time you see someone in need. Try to imagine that it’s Jesus on the street corner, wondering where His next meal will come from. Jesus whose parents can’t afford school supplies, much less doctor and dentist visits. Jesus who has languished in prison with no visitors. Jesus who simply needs a hug because He’s had a rough day and could use a friend.

When someone is nice to Leah, I’m willing to return the favor to them. Why? Because I love Leah so much that a favor done to her is nearly the same as one done to me. God is like that with us; because He loves us, He takes it as a personal favor when we’re nice to those He loves.

And He loves everybody.

Even those you don’t particularly like.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a specific challenge on here, but I think this post calls for one. Today, when you see someone in need (and you will see someone if you are looking at all), meet that need for them if you possibly can. Doesn’t matter whether it’s giving a homeless person a sandwich or calling someone who’s sick and asking if you can drop something off for them. Just find someone, preferably someone you don’t already love, and choose to love them like Jesus loves them. In doing so, you’ll be acting like He does and loving Him, too.


2 comments on “To the Least of These

  1. Whitney says:

    Awesome post! The way you made your point and the comparison you drew from scripture was great. Keep up the great work.

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