A Blank Page

I heard a quip once from a male comic: I thought I was perfect; then I got married. 

I feel that way sometimes. Marriage between two imperfect people will never make either of them perfect. It’s possible they’ll smooth off each other’s rough edges, but even that takes a usually painful grinding process. And there will always be flaws in ourselves, little bits of our lives that we’re often selfish in, and marriage will bring these out for you and your spouse to see.

The amazing thing about my wife is she’s the most forgiving person I know. Every day, I seem to start with a blank page. Past wrongs are forgiven and left in the past. I admire this trait very much about her, especially since I struggled for so long with so many grudges.

God is even better at it than she is, though. God doesn’t play favorites, forgiving some people more easily than others. He doesn’t forgive most sins while holding the really bad ones against you for a while. He doesn’t find a way to blame Himself so He can forgive you more easily. He doesn’t make you earn your place or His trust again. In fact, He knows just how unworthy of His trust you are.

And He welcomes you back with open arms every time. There may or may not be punishment for what you’ve done, for Hebrews 12:6 says He chastises us when we’re wrong, but there will never be rejection. Just two scarred hands reaching out to hug you and welcome you home.


One comment on “A Blank Page

  1. Whitney says:

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing.

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