Author and Finisher, Part 2

The other lesson I need to learn is what Hebrews 12:2 means when it calls Him the author and finisher of our faith. I hadn’t considered the word “author” before.

As a writer, I’m given the chance to become something of a god over the worlds I create. I can have characters do whatever I want them to do at any point and for whatever reason. Though they have this annoying habit of taking on a life of their own (if you have ever written stories, you probably know what I mean), they are still in my hands. They don’t even exist unless I will them to.

God has given you free will to decide what you want to do with your life. That said, He is the author of you. Without you, He would still be God; without Him, you would be non-existent. He is also the author of your faith, meaning that you couldn’t believe in Him unless He gave you that ability.

Just as I know my characters and what will happen to them better than they do, so God knows you and what will happen in your future better than you do. His being on our side in this is a wonderful thing because He won’t just randomly decide to make something terrible happen to us to move the story along. There’s a plan for everything that happens and, whether it’s good or bad in the short term, it’s always good long term. 

With your faith, God knows how to best develop that in you. He knows when to begin it, how to grow it, what challenges you’ll need to face to test it, when you’ll fail, and how to use these failures to bring you closer to Him. He’s the author of our faith; we’re just the characters waiting to see how He’ll develop it.


2 comments on “Author and Finisher, Part 2

  1. Whitney says:

    Goodness knows I make terrible things happen to my characters for the sake of entertainment. Thank God He doesn’t do the same to us and that we can rest assured “that all things work together for good for those who love God” (Romans 8:28) Even the things that seem to be tearing our world to pieces could be the very things fortifying our foundations.

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