The New Prince

I have to be honest here: I don’t get why there’s so much attention regarding Prince Yet-to-be-named. He won’t have any real power, will never have to work, and basically just has to smile and wave his way through life while avoiding getting caught shaming the crown. Yeah, his moves will be scrutinized at all times, but even that is curious to me. The only thing that really separates him from the average person is the title he was born into.

I’m not against him and I wish him and his family well, but I’m curious why so many people are so wrapped up in this story, especially those outside the United Kingdom.

It’s not just with this prince, either. We seem to have an unhealthy fascination with celebrities. Every time one of them is caught driving drunk or cheating on their spouse or behaving in any questionable way, the media must tell us about it and millions of people read about it.

I’ve been loosely following the Aaron Hernandez saga. He’s the (now former) NFL player who is accused of several murders. Both his team and the NFL have severed ties with him. I follow mostly because I’m looking for some reason a person making millions a year, with the respect and admiration of so many fans, would be willing to commit such atrocities. Meaning that I’m guilty of getting emotionally involved in celebrities’ lives, too.

In my case, it’s not about hero worship this time (though I’ve been guilty of that, too) or reading gossip, but I’m still getting involved in someone else’s life when it doesn’t affect me at all.

The truth is I have no cause to judge him, even if I don’t understand his actions. I am no better than he is, no less in need of a Savior. I have no great works that will save me, no superior importance that makes me better, and no possessions I can offer in exchange for my soul. Likewise, I am no less important or valuable than anyone else on the planet.

Once you become a Christian, you are the one who becomes a new prince or princess, because you become a child of the King. You are adopted into the royal family, a far more powerful and enduring one than Britain ever has known or will know. You are the one God celebrates, the one angels rejoice over, and the one more valuable than any earthly crown could make you.


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