Room for One More

Though it’s not titled as Around the Bonfire, Part 3, this is the third and final part of the series. If you remember our bonfire and the caravan from Part 1, then there’s one piece we have yet to consider:

There’s always room for one more.

At one point, that “one more” was you. It’s not often that people are led to Christ because they randomly saw a Bible in the drawer of their hotel room. It probably happens, but it’s far more common that God uses someone else to draw a person in. 

We aren’t all evangelists. It’s not our calling. We are to serve God in whatever capacity He has for us. Some may be evangelists, but some may be teachers, pastors, administrators, generous donors, or have other callings. We are, however, supposed to live a life that makes people want to come to the bonfire. 

Imagine if you saw a bunch of people around the bonfire leering at you or simply turning up their noses at you. Would you want to go in and meet them? It may be a logical fallacy to say that because the professed believers of a religion behave in a manner inconsistent with their religion’s teachings that the religion itself is wrong, but it is easy for someone who does not believe to conclude that if a religion cannot change those who profess it, it will not change them.

It is not always the host going out to meet travelers and invite them in. Often, He leaves that to you.


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