The God of Too Much

The Garden of Eden was a paradise. No sickness. No hard labor. No IRS. Adam and Eve didn’t even have in-laws (just kidding, I love my new fam). And, I like to believe, they hadn’t met house cats yet, just the cool ones like tigers and panthers.

God didn’t have to make it so. He could have made it much like it is today, with a lot of hard work involved. He could have made the earth grow thistles and vines to choke out the crops, could have forced Adam and Eve to dig for water, could have made them go through any of the things farmers normally have to go through in many parts of the world. Nope, not God.

He gave them all they wanted and more. Numerous times in the Bible, invading armies carried tons of gold and silver around (seemingly for no apparent reason), and dropped or left it in their haste to flee. The Israelites plundered Egypt of its wealth when they left. God made Solomon so rich that even today his wealth is proverbial. God could have made just the solar system and a handful of stars, but the Universe has septillions of them. He could have made sex something we just do when it’s the right time, but gave us bundles of nerves specifically for us to greatly enjoy it.

And then God topped it all by not only saving you from Hell, but letting you go to Heaven…then decided you wouldn’t be His slaves, but His friends…then decided you wouldn’t be just friends, but His adopted children…then decided you wouldn’t be just His adopted children but His heirs…and then decided we were fit to be the bride of His Son, united with Him throughout all eternity.

Never, ever think that you’re worth nothing. You didn’t and can’t earn anything, but you’re more valuable than you could ever dream. He is the God of far too much, and He loves you.


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