The God of Details

Have you ever considered just how detail-oriented God is? In Numbers 14:30-32, God promises that only Caleb and Joshua, of all Israelites 20 years and older at the time, would make it to the Promised Land. In Numbers 26:64, we see that came to pass exactly as God said. Exodus 9 says that God made a distinction between the Egyptians’ livestock and the Israelites’. Not a single one of the latter was hurt. It also says that when the flies and locusts came in plagues and Moses prayed for God to remove them that not a single one remained. They didn’t return to normal levels; they disappeared entirely. 

Over and over, we see just how scrupulous God is. He can’t help it; He’s perfect. Perfection doesn’t mean approximation or “good enough.” Jesus didn’t have to live a good life in order to be a worthy sacrifice for our sins; He had to live a perfect life. One sin, just one, in His entire 33 years, and His death serves no purpose for us.

It’s not just details of matters relating to the law or His word that He concerns Himself with; it’s all details. He knows when a sparrow dies, how many hairs are on your head, how many steps you’ve taken, everything.

Why does this matter?

Because the God who knows everything knows exactly where you are right now and what’s going in your life, your head, and your heart. And He is good, better than you can fathom, but we’ll get to that in the next post.


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