So Much to Do, So Little Time

I’m in the midst of getting my books out to agents and publishers. I have nine that are fully written and Leah and I have sent out only one to all the agents that accept simultaneous submissions. While we’re waiting for responses, we’re getting out a book she’s written to agents.

I always hate sending stuff out. For one thing, most agents want you to tout your accomplishments, but I hate bragging about myself. It’s just not me. Thank God for Leah and her work in helping me send stuff off because I simply wouldn’t if it were up to me.

The other thing I hate about sending stuff out is getting rejections. Most of them are unhelpful. They’re all polite enough, but if I knew why my book was rejected, I could rectify that error in future proposals. It’s frustrating sometimes because, even though I believe my calling is to write, it seems sometimes that there’s nothing but a brick wall in my face. 

Gideon must have felt that way. He was threshing wheat in a wine press because he was afraid of the Midianites discovering him. He was the least important man in his father’s house, so not the type of guy you’d pick to lead an army and overthrow your oppressors. God chose him anyway. Not only that, but God pared his army down from tens of thousands to only 300. It seemed like all the odds were stacked against him.

Which means God had him right where He wanted him.

There are other times in the Bible where it seems there is no way the person chosen by God should be able to do what they do. David was a shepherd. Saul was so afraid that he was hiding when he was called to be king. Moses had a speech impediment and was cowardly. Joseph was a slave thrown in prison. In all these cases, there seemed to be no way these people would succeed on their own.

Yet they did because God was with them.

I have to remember from time to time two things:

1. Gideon and the others in the Bible like him. They had no abilities of themselves, but were called by God and were given the abilities they needed to fulfill that calling. If God can do that for them and He never changes, then it is up to Him to do that for me if I am following Him.

2. My definition of success may not be His. It’s possible that He had me write the book I’m sending out to help just one person. And that’s it. If that’s the case, then He considers it a great success because His will has been fulfilled. I could sell five million copies, not reach the one person He wanted me to reach, and it would be a failure. It’s not up to me to decide what becomes of the work He’s given me; it’s up to me to simply decide to do the work.

Think about what you’ve been working on. Is God with you in your work? Is your definition of success His or are you striving for your own purposes? As long as you are working at something God is not in or have a different purpose for your work than He does, you will never have peace in your work.


One comment on “So Much to Do, So Little Time

  1. I should post the article of mine that is now out in Homeschool Enrichment, A Biblical Perspective of Achievement. Good that you’re working through this.

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