A Nerd and His Hard Drive

My hard drive has been giving me the warning signs that it will die soon. You probably know them: slower performance, more errors, the occasional blue screen of death, ordering itself a tombstone online, etc. I’ve tried running a full antivirus sweep, cleaning the unnecessary files and programs off it, doing a disk defrag, and a few other things, but they seem to be prolonging the inevitable: my old friend has only a short while left to live.

God has blessed our finances, but not nearly to the point that we’re independently wealthy. We could have afforded to spend $100 to get me the hard drive I wanted, but the money wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. I was doing research and had it narrowed down to two drives. I called a friend who co-founded a software company, not wanting to spend money still and certainly not wanting to waste it. Rather than give me simple advice, he offered me a used top-of-the-line drives that he no longer needed. It’s way better than what I would have bought and it’s free.

It may seem like a simple blessing, and it is to a certain extent, but I had just gotten a rejection that, although very nice, made me feel my book had little chance of ever finding an agent. I needed a small, unexpected blessing not just to boost my mood, but to remind me that I was still where God wanted me to be.

How do I know this from one simple hard drive from a friend? Because it’s not in my nature to ask for help or even advice. I do it when I have to and always try to pay back those debts with interest, but I would almost always rather go online and hunt for the answer I need, even if it takes hours. I felt a nudge in my heart to call my friend and this was the result. 

There are two points to this story: First is that God knows our needs even before we do. He could have let me just have one of the hard drives I found and both would probably have suited my needs. Instead, God supplied my friend with extra drives to the point that he’s willing to give me one for free.

The second point is that God sometimes supplies just enough, and sometimes He supplies abundantly. I’m not a heavy gamer or computer tester, so I didn’t need anything that spectacular. I’ve salivated over Solid-State Drives since they came out, but never thought I’d buy one within the next ten years. A free hard drive of any sort would have been nice so long as it worked. This one was a huge bonus. (For those unfamiliar with SSDs, they usually go from $0.80 to $1.30 a GB, so even a 256GB one can set you back nearly $300.) 

I don’t mean that you should ask God for a blessing when you’re feeling down and take that as a sign you’re where He wants you to be. That could be dangerous if what you’re asking for is outside His will, because He simply won’t give it to you and you’ll take that as a sign you’re not where you should be. What I needed (and I don’t even recall praying about it) is something to help me in my work for Him, and He blessed abundantly. If you stay in His will, though, just rest in Him. Just as a lord in medieval times was responsible for providing for the servants in his castle, so God is responsible for providing for you when you work for Him. Relax, do what He’s commanded you, and wait for what you need to come to you in His way.


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