Here We Go Again!

Summer is here, and frankly, I’d rather be out hiking in the woods than sitting here typing. It’s 76 right now and the mountains are calling me.

Not that blogging is my least favorite thing to do, far from it, but every now and then, I need a break from my temperamental computer to commune with nature, say, “Hey, what’s up, froggie?” and shoot pictures of all the wildlife I can find that doesn’t want to eat me for dinner.

Sometimes, being a writer is difficult. I don’t know how many copies of my books will sell on Amazon, so I don’t know how much money I have to work with each month. I don’t know when an agent or publisher will take on my books or how well they’ll do when they are picked up. It feels like a lot of risk with a very uncertain reward.

There’s also all the rejection to deal with, all the rounds of editing to go through, and focusing on the wording of almost every sentence.

It’s one of the main reasons I love blogging: this is Ness unplugged. No editing, no worrying about whether people want to buy this piece of writing, no stressing over every word, just typing.

Yet through all the stress of being a writer, there is the hope and faith I have in God to see me through as I do what I believe is His calling on my life. So far, He has provided some sort of blessing for Leah and I seemingly every week. Most have been unexpected and some have been quite large. And with every one, my faith in Him to see us through has grown.

With that faith has come a stronger sense of who I really am in Him, His son, someone He loves and cherishes and really wants the best for. And He is my Father, always there for me, wanting to bless me when I put Him first.

If you are going through a trial of faith right now, don’t let go. Take it one step at a time and, as you take these steps, make sure they’re toward God and not away from Him. The more you put yourself in His hands, the more you’ll find how much better His hands are than yours.


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