Going Far

This post isn’t going to explore the inner workings of your psyche when you’re trying to gain confidence or discuss how God views you. No, the purpose of this post is to simply urge you to stick with gaining confidence.

You’re not perfect. You never will be, not on this planet, at least. And so you’re going to screw up. This means that you’re going to screw up in your confidence as well. There will be times where you forget that your value comes in how God sees you and not in how you see yourself. When this happens, your self-esteem will naturally diminish. How can you go from seeing yourself as an adopted child of God to anything else and your esteem remain the same?

Some people use this as an opportunity to give up, to say that viewing themselves as God views them doesn’t work. The fault is neither with God nor with the concept of getting your value from His opinion of you, but in your forgetting how much He loves you and where your value comes from. Don’t give up. Stick with this and use it as an opportunity to ask yourself where you tend to get your value from. Try to stay away from things from which you derive value or, if you can’t (such as with work), remind yourself often that your value doesn’t come from how well you do or what others think of your efforts.

Mistakes will happen, no matter how far along this path you are, but the sooner you come back to the truth, the less time you’ll waste looking for your value outside of God.


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