Failure is NOT an Option?

The primary difference between Christian confidence and the world’s confidence is that the former is based on who you are in Christ while the latter is based on what you do. The world may tell you to believe in yourself even when you fail, but the purpose of that belief is so you can succeed next time. In other words, for those who are “confident”, failure is not an option. Mistakes are ok and errors in judgment can be acceptable, but failing no matter how many times you try isn’t. Even if you give up at one thing, such as me with my childhood dream of playing major league baseball, you’re expected to have success. If you don’t, then your confidence was a sham.

Christian confidence, on the other hand, says that not only will you fail, but that all your successes are meaningless insofar as determining your value. Yet it also elevates your value higher than any accomplishment ever could. While it doesn’t say, “You should fail,” or, “Don’t even bother trying,” your efforts don’t equal your value. They never could.

Now, one thing these two definitions of confidence have in common is that they should both encourage you to try things you wouldn’t without them. The world’s definition will get you to dust yourself off and try again because you have to prove your self-worth by succeeding eventually; it just tells you that success is possible. Christian confidence will tell you that you’ll be no less valuable even if you fall flat on your face, so there’s no shame in failing, which is one of the biggest reasons people are afraid to try.

What would you like to try, but have been afraid to because you don’t want others to think you’re a failure or because you fear rejection? Is it the opinion of the masses you fear or the opinion of one or two specific people? Ask yourself why you’re afraid, then realize that nobody’s opinion of you affects your worth in the slightest. God has already declared you priceless, so priceless you are. Once you’ve realized this, chase after your dreams. If you get them, wonderful; if not, you’re still every bit as valuable as ever, so relax and have fun chasing.


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