Day by Day

I’m reading through the Bible again and am in the last part of Exodus, where God starts giving Moses instructions for building the Tabernacle and the priest’s robes and for giving sacrifices. To be honest, it’s painfully boring to me, but that doesn’t mean it is without instruction. One thing that stuck out to me today is that the priests were to eat from what was sacrificed. They were not to be tending their own flocks or threshing wheat from their own fields, but they were fed by the people. Leftovers were to be burned rather than left until the morning. In other words, if there was no sacrifice, the priests would go hungry.

Another thing that jumped out was that everyone else is commanded to take the Sabbath off, but the priests are commanded to sacrifice every day. In other words, they are working for God doing what He commanded them specifically to do.

Even though the Israelites were told to give sacrifices for a variety of reasons, making the business of atoning for sin very costly, God provided for them so that they didn’t have the excuse of being too poor. God also provided enough so that the priests didn’t go hungry, either. When they walked according to God’s commandments, God provided for them.

They had to walk daily according to His commands, though. If the priests decided to take a day off or if the rest of the tribes decided to stay home and watch the Super Bowl rather than bring a sacrifice, the priests would have nothing to eat. The priests had to daily trust God to provide, but also had to daily follow Him to receive that blessing.

I’m getting married soon, and one of the things that has struck me about self-confidence is just how difficult it is to truly get into one’s heart. My fiancee was initially drawn to me because she read my book, Your True Value, and agreed with much of it. Despite having written a book on the topic and feeling called to share this message, I still occasionally get caught up in getting my value from being with her or from accomplishments or how sales are going. She still tends to get her value from the little boys she watches, from me, and from her family. The fault for both of these, as the leader of the relationship, is largely mine, for true Christian confidence has not been a daily or even near-daily focus. We’ve gone weeks at a time without it really coming up. Those weeks are when our confidence is most likely to slip back into the old ways.

Your value is not something that you have to earn. You can’t do a thing to raise or lower it. Your confidence, however, needs to be worked on daily. You need to remind yourself that you are a son or daughter of God, that your value is set and eternal and higher than you could ever hope to get it by your own works. You need to remember that others are valued just as highly by God and so you are equal with everyone, neither more nor less valuable. Every day.

My challenge to you this week is to remind yourself of your value every day. This is not positive self-affirmation in the sense that you’re saying, as Bob did in What About Bob?, “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful,” over and over or telling yourself you can conquer any challenge, but rather a reminder that your true value has nothing to do with anything you’ve done and everything to do with what He’s done. At the end of a week of doing this, evaluate how you feel about yourself, others, and God. If you’re willing, please write your story here. I’d love to hear back from you. 🙂


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