Mr. Nice Guy

Jesus was a nice guy. He healed the sick, lifted the spirits of the brokenhearted, and of course, died to forgive all our sins. And yet, while He was taken advantage of, He never allowed that to bother Him. Why? Because He was a nice guy for the right reasons.

We all know someone who is nice to the extent that they allow themselves to be run over. They’ll insult themselves or admit error to smooth over an argument, even when they’re right. They’ll bend over backwards to make sure everyone else is happy. They’ll defer all decisions to someone else, even when they really want something or know they won’t like the other person’s suggestions. The difference between these people and Jesus is that these people are seeking for what they want: the acceptance of others. To an extent, they get it, but many just take advantage of them, prompting either bitterness or a vow to try even harder to please everyone.

Jesus gave everything to others because He knew who He was and His purpose in life. He didn’t feel obligated to walk to people’s houses and heal their sick. He didn’t cave in when confronted so that the Pharisees or scribes would be happy with Him. He didn’t go to the cross because He was desperate for attention. He made the conscious decision that He was going to bless people because He loved them, not because He was seeking His own blessing. He had pure and powerful confidence, such as no human has had before or since, unassailable and based solely in His Father.

Having a true confidence is the only way you can seek to bless others with completely pure motives. Yes, you will be taken advantage of (if it happened to Jesus, why would it not happen to you?) and yes, your efforts will sometimes be unappreciated, but these things will not matter to you. You will be able to love others purely because you are seeking nothing from them. Even when they mistreat you, because you weren’t looking for their gratitude to justify you or your actions, that love will still be there.


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